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随著地球上的天然资源日渐衰竭,以及世界性的环境生态保护问题日渐尖 锐,充分体现出再生资源业的重要性,近十多年来随著香港及世界各地相关业界蓬勃发展,这项行业已成为全球瞩目发展的经济支柱之一,目前香港亦有过千家业务关联的公司企业。



Hong Kong Recycling Chamber of Commerce


The importance of the recycling industry is becoming more apparent as the Earth’s natural resources are being continually depleted and global environmental issues become increasingly challenging to address. Over the past decade, the local and international recycling industry flourished and is being recognised as one of the most prominent economic pillars today. Currently, over 1000 operators are involved in recycling in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Recycling Chamber of Commerce (HKRCOC) was established by Mr. Kwok Chun Sing and a group of like-minded professionals in the industry. With the objectives to unite local and international recyclers, promote communication, cooperation and business developments between organisations engaged in therecycling business, HKRCOC aim to serve as a platform for our members to grow their business and succeed. We endeavor to act in the interest of our members through fostering communication with the Government, organising seminars, information sharing forums, and training courses, including those that serve to enhance environmental and occupational health and safety issues related to the recycling industry. In addition, an exclusive clubhouse is being planned for our members’ private and business gatherings.

HKRCOC is committed to serve the industry and local community by actively promoting and advocating for the sustainable development of the recycling industry in Hong Kong. With the support of our members, HKRCOC hope to become a reputable and influential organisation that will be able to contribute to the stability and economic prosperity of Hong Kong.

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